Antique nautical decor. Diy room decorations

Antique Nautical Decor

antique nautical decor

  • relating to or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen; "nautical charts"; "maritime law"; "marine insurance"

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antique nautical decor - Mermaid Hand

Mermaid Hand Mirror Vintage Antique Nautical Decor

Mermaid Hand Mirror Vintage Antique Nautical Decor

Mermaid Hand Mirror Vintage Antique Nautical Decor is a beautiful Bronzed Resin mermaid mirror with exquisite detailing like the vintage mirrors of times past. The mermaid mirror features patinaed accents that change between purple and copper colorings when moved in the light. Every detail of this reproduction mermaid is historically correct, from her whimsical hair to her shell belly chain. Mermaid hand mirror measures 12" long and 6" wide, and makes a the perfect gift for mermaid fans, fairy princesses, and beach enthusiasts.

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Cricket kids - my 'swimming with dolphins' moment.

Cricket kids - my 'swimming with dolphins' moment.

Cricket kids, the way back from the game - Bhavnagar India
My swimming with dolphins moment... and one of my most treasured memories..
For years and years i had driven past a wasteland in the middle of Bhavagnar on my way to the ship-breakers, wishing i could have a game of cricket with the boys that are always there, with upturned bin, plank and old tennis ball... I had to participate, at least once, this blissfully eternal test-match that has spanned, years, decades and probably generations... my chance came a few years ago as i walked through the city at dusk, retracing the automotive journeys, found the wasteland and tentatively walked to the edge of the 'boundary', where the rocks had a chance to sprout properly.
at 6'4 and fresh from an english winter it wasn't long before i was noticed by some of the boys. I shyly gestured the, not only international but adolescent sign language that vocally translates to,"can i play please?" and the game was on the way...
40 glorious minutes of sunset cricket in its rawest most splendid form ensued and so did a gathering crowd. Pretty soon the square was full of a 100 odd fielders watching hoping to witness the big english guy get bowled out by the local speedster...
the sun dispersed, ending that days play, and we victoriously marched back to my hotel...

Small Cannon, Small Bang?

Small Cannon, Small Bang?

Forget the About Us section of our websites, this video explains a lot...I should warn you that there is a short blast of obscene language following the blast of the gun, of which i'm not proud but can't apologise with any sincerity for. My father and my son, joined by our friendly gun-crew at our trinitymarine warehouses...dont you just love it when things are 10x as loud, fun and impressive as you think its going to be.
This is a 1 Pounder! Imagine a 32 Pounder, then imagine 30 of them on some lower gun-deck of a 4 masted schooner like the Victory. Going to re-read my Trafalgar & East India Co books again with this experience in mind...

antique nautical decor

antique nautical decor

Nautical Metal Mermaid Hook Antique Green Decor Bath Kitchen Home Decor

Nautical Metal Mermaid Hook Antique Green Decor Bath Kitchen Home Decor is a beautiful cast iron mermaid wall hook. The mermaid is cast with exquisite details and hand-painted antique rustic green to look and feel like an old antique. The mermaid measures 6 inches long from head to tail, 2.5 inches wide, and will protrude 2 inches from your wall. Use the mermaid hook in your home to hang coats, towels, decorative oven mitts, or give this great gift to a mermaid-loving family member or friend.

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