Cow Kitchen Decor

cow kitchen decor

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cow kitchen decor - COW 3-D

COW 3-D Canisters Set of 4 ^NEW^ Canister

COW 3-D Canisters Set of 4 ^NEW^ Canister

Take a look at these beautiful BRAND NEW Cow Canisters. There are four different sized canisters in all. They have great color and detail. The largest canister measures approx. 10.5" tall (from top of lid to bottom) x 9.5" in diameter (at widest point), next is approx. 9" x 8", then approx. 7.5" x 6.5", and the smallest approx. 6.5" x 6". They are made of ceramic with a fine gloss finish coating each piece and are of great quality. They have a very elegant design that would definitely add a UNIQUE touch to your kitchen counter! This could also make a wonderful gift for any cow lover. Don't forget to see our other Cow items from this design set and other styles.

79% (10)

Kitchen bookcase 1

Kitchen bookcase 1

This is one of the two bookcases in the kitchen. Black and white chicken is a Vancouver artist and I can not remember his name ;( Will find it.

Kitchen Cow

Kitchen Cow

Cow Parade:: find out about it. I have a small collection. As a foodie, this is one of my faves.

cow kitchen decor

cow kitchen decor

COW 3-D Paper Towel & Napkin Holder *NEW!*

Take a look at this BRAND NEW Cow 3-Dimensional Paper Towel and Napkin Holder. This beautiful piece has been designed in a 3-dimensional form and matches our Cow Decor line. It really is a beautiful piece with plenty of detail, vibrant colors, and a gorgeous design! The holder (made of wood) stands approx. 15" tall with the base measuring approx. 9" x 6". The top of the stand that secures a paper towel roll is made of a high quality ceramic with a very fine gloss finish coating it. There is also a ceramic napkin holder in the front. It can be used to hold napkins or it can be left alone as a front tearing point for the paper towels. This ceramic piece measures approx. 6" x 4" x 5". It also has a very shiny gloss finish coating it. Please take a look at the pictures. The best explanation will be in the images. This would make a wonderful addition to any collection, or this would make a great gift for any collector. Don't forget to take a look at our other Cow items of this same design set and other styles.

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